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As Kaltek we manufacture and supply fittings, petrol pipes, drill pipes, couplings, flanges, dril stem equipments, drilling equipments, molds, api threading, drill pipe threading, drill pipe thread repair, drill collars, drill subs, rotary drill stem elements, casings, tubings, casing threading, tubing threading, line pipe threading, line pipes, api adapters, api accessories, crossover subs, pup joints, flow couplings, pick up subs, float collars, string catchers, blast joints, float shoes, guide shoes, pipe string conversions, tubular repairs, cross seam outside welding, edge milling units, hydrostatic milling units, pipe end cleaning machines, pipe transfer components, ultrasound test equipment towers, cross seam welding, welding bridge, welding systems, evaporative cooling, cooling, cooling systems, evaporative cooling systems, fitting, petrol pipe, drill pipe, coupling... KALTEK Machinery & Trading Ltd. Company was founded by two partners in August 1998 at the 7th km of Iskenderun old highway in order to provide research & development and machine manufacture to contracted firms. A third partner was added in 2000 with the purpose of expanding the company. KALTEK Machinery & Trading Ltd. Co. has enhanced its equipment and machinery track by buying computer-aided as well as universal lathes, taking into consideration the developments in the steel pipe industry, to which it has been providing service since 2001. It has become a preferred company in its own sector with the knowledge it has accumulated since its inception and with the services it has rendered. Its initial staff of 5 persons has also risen to 27. The initializations of ISO 9001 (in 2005) and API Spec Q1 (in 2011) quality management systems were taken as strategic decisions of company’s top management. Having joined into the production sector as a small enterprise at a local level, KALTEK Machinery has been conducting its business activities since 2007 at its new facilities located in Antakya Organized Industrial Zone (Antakya Organize Sanayi Bolgesi). With its motto “Youthful Power”, KALTEK Machinery renews itself continuously, keeping up with the time and is always open to innovations. It is active mainly in the area of R&D; design; special machine manufacture; fittings for water, oil and drill pipes (coupling, flange); drill stem equipment; mold manufacture; spare parts production and outsourced service.

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